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  • Stefi Roittner

Stefi: First impressions of Lisbon

Hello my name is Stefi and today I am going to talk about my experience during the first week of my internship in Portugal. During my internship I have the opportunity to live in Lisbon, a city known for its history, architecture, and rich culture.

My role involved managing tours and guiding tourists, which allowed me to deeply immerse myself in the city’s heritage while sharing its beauty with visitors. Leading groups through Lisbon’s landmarks, such as the historic Tower of Belem and the Parque Eduardo VII, gave me such a good insight in my first week.

My first experience in this internship was a trip to Arrábida, where we had the oportunity to kayak through the sea, also passing by a beach. Not only that, I was invited to organise and participate in a picnic, helping me improve my team building skills and overall my experience.

Aside from my professional responsibilities, I took advantage of my time in Portugal to visit some remarkable places outside Lisbon. One of the highlights was a trip to Sintra, a town renowned for its beautiful palaces and gardens. Walking through the gardens of Quinta da Regaleira and exploring the historic Moorish Castle fully completed my experience here in Sintra.

Another memorable excursion was to Jamor, an area known for its sports facilities and natural beauty. Spending time outdoors, whether playing mini golf, paddling in the small river or simply enjoying the scenic surroundings provided a refreshing break from city life.

Overall, my first week here in Portugal was an enriching blend of professional development and cultural exploration. All I can say is I‘m excited to see more!

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