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HAK1 Works Abroad


HAK1 Works Abroad, our biggest and most successful Erasmus+ project was launched in 2018 to enable our students to do one or more internships in another country.

Since then our students have been subsidised with around €1,000 each to do an internship in a wide range of European countries from Finland to Spain, from Ireland to Romania. Up until the end of 2023 participants in HAK1 Works Abroad will have received around €140,000 in Erasmus+ funding to travel abroad, learn about independence and problem solving, and work in a different cultural environment.
Who are we kidding? They will have partied, made new friends and had a lot of fun too ;-)

Our previous blog (2018-2022) is available here

HAK1 Works Abroad Timeline


Crete, Lisbon, Bucharest

This year 24 students are travelling abroad to Barcelona in Spain, Crete in Greece, Lisbon in Portugal, Florence in Italy, a tiny remote island in Finland and Bucharest in Romania.

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2022 H1WA participants2.JPG


Welcome to Florence

This year 19 students took the opportunity to travel abroad for their work experience. New destinations were Florence in Italy and Split in Croatia.



We were proud to 12 students back on the road again in 2021 when many other projects were still paused. We added Barcelona in Spain and Malta to our list of destinations.

Participants 2021bc.jpg
New participants b 10-19.JPG


The year that wasn't to be.

24 students planned to travel to the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands but Covid had other ideas...


Growing fast!

More people. More countries. This year we included Madrid and Rotterdam to our list of destinations. 29 students participated in the project - a number which, due to Covid, we have yet to beat.

Successful participants 2019.JPG
2018 participants.JPG


The pioneers!

This group had a dream - a dream to work abroad. We had never done it before. There was a lot of paperwork. A lot of paperwork. And a lot of waiting. But in February 2018 we received the good news that our project had been accepted and we would receive funding. And we prepared to the UK (Brighton and London), to Helsinki in Finland, to Seville in Spain.

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