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Merisa M: Prepare yourself for a million photos! --> Lisbon - PORTUGAL

In about a week I will already be in Lisbon and most likely admiring the city. I can hardly keep my eyes off the pictures and can't wait to finally set foot in this city. Moreover, I am aware that my work will be in a school with little children. I am also curious about how it will all work and what tasks I will have to do there. However, I hope that my colleagues are all nice and helpful and willing to help me with any difficulties. But the most important thing for me is to gain experience and meet many new nice people. Furthermore, I have heard a lot about the food in Lisbon and people say that you won't regret trying it. Lisbon has always been one of my favourite places to visit, so my anticipation is all the greater. Of course I will keep you updated all the time...

Life is short, go to Lisbon!

See you soon,

your Lisbon GIRL


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