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Nadine N: Everything must come to an end...

...but Lisbon I'll see you again!

I still can't believe it is over already. This month has taught me more than a year of living in Austria. I learned to cook properly, to manage my groceries, to communicate without speaking each other's language and so much more.

I know you might think, well it was only a month what could have possibly changed, but for me it didn't feel like "just a month" for me it was an adventure of a lifetime. As my roommate Alex once said: in Lisbon one month feels like three - and in my opinion he is absolutely right with that statement, because every day was filled with activities and adventure for three and just didn't seem to end.

This week I also had my last days at work. Everything was as usual, bathing and cuddling dogs, feeding the kittens and cleaning their cages and of course a little bit of assisting my co-workers.

But all of a sudden the last day has come and I was absolutely not ready to leave my amazing colleagues and animals yet. That day I talked a lot to my now friends at work and they were just as sad as I was about me leaving them. I even had to promise that I would come back and they told me that they'd be waiting for me. Also my boss was very grateful for my help and told me how much better the kittens had become with people thanks to my effort.

Here's one last picture of my favourite puppy Salsa:

If some of you are thinking about getting a dog or a cat I would strongly recommend visiting a local shelter. There are many amazing souls waiting for someone who gives them a home and the love that they deserve. What should I say more than: Adopté!

Besides all that we also had our last meeting with the agency here in Lisboa. And as you can see on our faces we also had a good time there (except that Alex and I were a liiittle too late so we had to take a picture with just the two of us). I am grateful for their work and them helping us orientate in the city.

On our last day of work we also decided to have breakfast in one of Lisbon's best bakeries - A Padaria Portuguesa of course ;)

Late night walks, boat trips and beach days...

Oh what a month!

Rethinking this whole experience I can recommend doing Erasmus+ in Lisbon with all my heart.

I fell in love with this city and I am sure you will too once you go there.

PS: My recommendations to visit: Praia de Carcavelos, Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo and Atira-te ao Rio

That's it from my blog entries about Lisboa.

Adeus e até à próxima, Nadine!

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