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Nadine N: Cuddling kittens!

That´s what we experience here in Portugal.

What can I say, the first two weeks are almost over and I already start feeling like a native (well almost).

A few days ago Julia and I had the realisation that Lisbon is the perfect city to live in for several reasons:

1. The safety (I haven't once felt uncomfortable or unsafe here)

2. The people (you make friends here very quickly, everyone is friendly and open to chat with you)

3. The climate (it is never too hot or too cold and it hasn't rained yet, which is fascinating when you're used to living in the rainy state of Salzburg) and last but not least:

4. The fitness (Lisbon is apparantly built on seven hills (that's what a lady from the agency told me), but if I'm being honest it doesn't feel like seven but more like 700 ;) If somebody asked me how I would describe the geography of Lisbon I'd say it goes up and down like a roller coaster! So this helps us to stay fit and I manage to pass my "move goal" almost every day.

But now for work:

As you already know, I work at an animal rescue shelter near the zoo of Lisbon. Almost two weeks have passed now and I enjoy working there even though it can be a bit dangerous at times, especially with new dogs or all the rusty metal around.

To describe the feeling of my work I'd say it demands much, physically as well as emotionally but it gives back more. Like how could you not fall in love with those puppy eyes or cuddling kittens (which is literally my job sometimes).

Also my co-workers are quite friendly and welcoming and just like everywhere with some I talk more than others.

At the end of the day I really do feel like I am helping a lot and that I'm not just an unnecessary intern that sits still in a corner all day long.

Also I must say being here helps me developing myself. I am becoming more spontanious, more responsible and I am learning to adapt myself in different environments. In general I feel like these are the first steps to becoming an adult.

Here are a few more pictures of the things I've seen already:

My lovely kittens at work :)


My personal favourite: Ponte 25 de Abril during sunset

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