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Juli L: 1,2,3 and off we go!

We were waiting a whole year till it's finally July, and we can start our Erasmus + journey to Lisbon, and suddenly it's the 23. of June, and there are only 8 days left until we sit in the plane. But there are so many things left to do! Not only is it time to pack our suitcases, making decisions what is necessary for living a month abroad, we also have to keep our mums calm because they are already more excited than us ;). For me personally, I am really looking forward to meeting new people from different countries and to improve my language skills. Perhaps I will have the chance for that at my working placement. From Monday to Friday, I will be working in a travel agency with international clients.

However, we will definetily keep you updated and until then...

Adeus e até breve !

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