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Amina R: Time flies too fast here in Lisbon…

Hey guys!! Now it's half-time. The second week is over and I have a lot to tell again! In the Helen Doron School, the summer courses start next week, so some preparations had to be made this week.

Also this week Merisa and I visited many sights, but what I personally liked best was "Miradouro de Santa Luzia", from there we had a beautiful view over Lisbon. Of course, souvenirs also had to be bought. I hope I can get my suitcase closed at the end of the month...😅

Time goes by so fast, but I really enjoy it here!! I am already looking forward to next week, where I will see the children again and I will tell you everything about the summer courses next week! See you soon, stay healthy and look forward to my next blog!!😉😉

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