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Amina R: How the first week in Lisbon went...

After some technical problems, I finally managed to post the blog! The first week in Lisbon was quite turbulent because working with children is not as easy as I thought 😆

I fell in love with Lisbon, The city is fantastic and full of people. But not only the heat makes me sweat here. In the Helen Doron English school, where I work, I take care of children and teach them a little English. I think the children here don't quite understand that I don't speak Portuguese, so there are some difficulties in communicating with us, but we already master it with sign language. 😂 Nevertheless, I enjoy the work a lot and I'm just laughing with the children.

The first week has passed so quickly, so I can only hope that the next few weeks will pass at a snail's pace so that I can enjoy the time here in peace and experience even more! Coming here, via Erasmus+, was one of the best decisions of my life.

See you next week !!

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