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Amina R: brand new experiences

Hi guys!! How are you? I'm doing really well here in Lisbon!!

This week the summer courses took place at the Helen Doron English school and that was a wild roller coaster! The children had so much energy and motivation to learn English!! I took care of the very small ones, the 4-5 year olds and they were mega cute. đŸ„č we learned vocabulary every hour by playing games and we sang a lot of English children's songs! 😇 A mega great experience! Merisa and I also had a great weekend. We were in the ozenarium of Lisbon and that was by far the highlight of the trip! On Sunday we were at the beach. The water here is so cold. đŸ„¶

Now the last week is starting here and on Saturday we go back home. I am incredibly looking forward to my family and my home, but I will still miss everything here.

Thanks for reading, see you again next Friday!! 😜

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