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Pia-Katharina K: The adventure has started

Aktualisiert: 17. Juli 2023

Barcelona, our internship and our journey together - this all was always so far away and now one week of this time is already over. It is crazy how fast time flies.

On Saturday at 5:00am our journey started and just a few hours later we found our way into our apartment. It is actually way bigger than we thought and so everything is working out amazingly! Couldn't imagine better flatmates!!

As mandatory for visitors in Barcelona we have already visited the most important sights like the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Park Ciutadella, the cathedral and various beaches. - But our Barcelona Bucket List is already stuck on our kitchen wall and is a lot longer :)

My personal highlight was rowing a boat through the Park Ciutadella - absolutely a must-do.

As already mentioned last blog post - my work is at Apartamentos Sata and as the name already says they rent apartments and for every location they have (in total 3) they have one office and their apartments. - My work for this week was near Park Güell and next week I am in the other office situated not far from the beach. The people there are very nice and the work so far is fine too - bit anxious how next week is going to be considering the fact that I have to check-in customers and talk to them about the city, but I hope this is going to be fine as well. But at least my colleagues speak English - because no hablo español..

When you are interested how this next week is going to turn out and what other sights we are going to visit - check out next week’s blog post and I will tell you more about it.

¡Adiós chicas y chicos!


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