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Maria P: My last week in Crete

I am currently sitting on my flight home and wondering where all the time went and how 4 weeks are already over?!

In our last week in Greece we tried to do everything that we did not have a chance to do the last weeks and we succeeded:)

We visited Knossos which is an old palace near Heraklion, went to the escape room twice, did a sunset quad tour which was definitely one of my personal favourites, did a tour from Anna’s work placement to Spinalonga, went for dinner and tried to enjoy having the sea just 5 minutes away from home as much as possible.

During my time here in Crete I not only ticked another box from my bucket list. I made a bunch of new friends, got even closer with my awesome roomies, had a lot of fun, went on many adventures, improved myself personally and made memories that will stay for a lifetime.

Thank you for joining me on my Journey! It was a pleasure:)

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