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Kathi B: La terza settimana a Firenze

Since my last blog on Wednesday last week a lot of time has passed. Of course, since then we have done many things. We ate a typical Italian "tagliere", which is a cutting board with different kinds of cheeses, hams, olives, bread and other very delicioius ingredients, which can vary. We also went twice more to the sea in Viareggio, because it was just too warm in the city. There, we relaxed the whole day and enjoyed the fresh sea breeze.

We also went shopping and explored many interesting and beautiful shops in the city centre. Here, in Florence a lot of vintage stores have settled. But, of course also work was a big part of our days. We learned many new skills and besides that a few words in French and Spanish. We noticed that French and Spanish people are not really happy about talking in English ;-). Yesterday we were allowed to take part in the walking tour through the city, which our company organises. The guide explained many historical facts about Florence. It was very interesting for us.

I am sad that three weeks have already passed and only one is left but of course I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends in Salzburg again.

Buona giornata!


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