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Kathi B: Arrivederci Firenze! Torneremo sicuramente!

Ciao a tutti!

Finally, our last week in Florence has begun. Today is Wednesday, so we have only two days left in this magnificent city. Tomorrow will be our last day of work and I have to say I will really miss our colleagues here. They are not only the best colleagues, but have also become good friends. Fortunately, social media and smartphones exist which help to stay in touch with each other.

The day after tomorrow Daniela and I will have our closing meeting with our tutor Marina from the Erasmus+ agency here. But besides that we will enjoy our last days with much good Italian food, sun and maybe also the one or other Aperol Spritz. For sure, we will also do a little shopping tour during our last two days to buy souvenirs for our families and friends at home in Salzburg. Then, on Saturday we will leave Florence in the morning and go by train via Venice and Villach and hopefully arrive in Salzburg in the evening.

Finally, I can say that these last four weeks not only were very funny, exciting and beautiful but also have helped me to improve my language skills and self-assurance. Therefore, I am very happy and thankful that I got the chance to experience this journey.

A presto!

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