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Daniela S: Life in Florence

Another week has passed, and life here is becoming more exciting every day. Katharina and I are adapting well to the Italian lifestyle, except for one thing – the extreme heat, which makes it challenging to keep a cool head.

At work, things have been going exceptionally well for both of us. Our working hours align perfectly, and our tasks are a lot of fun. Our main responsibility is assisting the people who come to our campsite. I find it incredibly enjoyable because I love engaging with people and helping them with any issues they may have. Not only am I improving my soft skills through these interactions, but I'm also enhancing my language abilities by learning new languages and refining the ones I already speak.

During this week, we had the opportunity to try out one of the campsite's offered tours – the "walking tour." Despite its seemingly boring name, it was far from boring. A knowledgeable tour guide accompanied us as we explored the most significant parts of Florence, sharing fascinating historical facts along the way. Learning about the city's rich history and the lives of some of the most important artists who once lived here was truly captivating.

Of course, it's not all work and no play. During our free time, we take the opportunity to explore the city further and indulge in the incredible Italian cuisine.

Sadly time passes really fast and there is only one week left...

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