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Daniela S: Life in Florence/Firenze!

Unbelievable that a week already has passed, everything is working perfectly. We are still very surprised about how many things Florence has to offer, with every time strolling around the city we are able to explore new streets, shops and most important food. 😋

But we did not only explore Florence, we also went to Viareggio one day, which is located on the coast so we could go to the beach there, which was amazing as the weather here is very hot, almost suffocating.

At our work place everything is going great as well. It is incredible how many nationalities there are in only one place. At the beginning I thought I would just speak English or Italian, but I am starting to learn new languages, such as Spanish and French, as well.

Additonally, we are adapting to the Italian lifestyle as it is very much more chilled than the austrian one. For example, nobody gets mad when you are not on time or if you make mistakes. Also people here seem much more friendly, we already made so many new friends!

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