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Victoria I: How life is going in Barcelona

The first week in Barcelona has flown by. We arrived on Saturday and made ourselves comfortable in our apartment. After that it was time for us to explore the city for the first time. The weekend we relaxed and already looked at the first sights. On Monday, we all met together at the agency and received important information about our jobs.

I work in an event management agency and mainly process orders, which I later create in the system. My colleagues are very nice and we have a lot of fun at work. Every Friday we go out for breakfast together, which I find very nice because you can exchange ideas.

In our free time we have already seen some sights such as Arc de Triomf, Park Güell, Sagrada Familia and many more. I really liked the sea and the beach in Barceloneta and it gave us a real vacation feeling.

I am looking forward to the next weeks and will report to you again!

Stay tuned,

yours Vici :)

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