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Victoria I. - Barcelona, here we go!

Only 10 days left! Then we will already be sitting in the airplane on the way to Barcelona. Together with Jana, Luisa, Pia, Elli and Sophia, I am allowed to do an internship in Spain for one month. The final preparations are underway, my suitcase is slowly filling up and I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks.

We live together in an apartment and everyone has a different job in Barcelona.

I get to work in an event management agency. I am very excited about what awaits me there and looking forward to the new challenge. Many habits will be different in Spain and I am looking forward to gaining new experiences in working life abroad as well.

I am excited to exploring Barcelona and spending a nice and interesting time together with my friends.

In my blog I will keep you up to date, be excited!

Yours Vici

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