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Vici I: Another amazing week in Barcelona and my absolute highlight!

Hola desde Barcelona!

It's already more than halfway through our internship here in Spain. Time flies and every day is used to get to know the city even better. In our first week we have already visited some sights, but some are still on our to-do list.

But not only sights are on our list, of course, there is also one or the other bar that we have already visited. Last Saturday we visited a bar hidden behind a supermarket entrance before we were thrilled by various serving shows from the bartender in a shot bar.

After this exciting Saturday, we had a leisurely day of swimming on Sunday before heading back to work on Monday.

On Wednesday we visited the Bunkers del Carmel. However, the gates were already closed. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the homemade wraps we brought with us at the beautiful sunset & Jana and I decided to stay until night for this beautiful ambience and enjoy the view of the illuminated city.

Because I wasn't feeling well on Thursday night I stayed home that evening, but what my girls did you can read in their blogs :)

On Saturday we put in a leisurely shopping day with a few stops at sights before Sunday was my/our absolute highlight…

We visited a diving school in Tamariu on the Costa Brava on Sunday. The sea was beautiful and clear and the ambience gave us Mamma Mia vibes. At the beginning we got an introduction before we put on the diving equipment and went diving together with a guide. It was really impressive, we saw a lot and had a very great experience. I had a lot of fun and this trip will certainly remain in my memory for a long time.

I can look back on this week full of joy and am excited to see what else awaits us in Barcelona.

Stay tuned, yours Vici

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