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Sophia L.: First impressions of Barcelona ☀️

Last Saturday our journey to Barcelona started! Now the first week is almost over and we have already experienced a lot of things.

When we arrived on Saturday, we first moved into our flat and went grocery shopping. Our chefs Jana and Vici spoiled us with delicious spaghetti. Afterwards, we all took a three-hour nap, which was really necessary. Later that day, we visited the beautiful Sagrada Familia. On Sunday, we had a delicious breakfast and then went to the Barceloneta beach. It was very hot there, but unfortunately the sea was neither clean nor beautiful besides full crowds of tourists.

On Monday, my first day of work started at WeFlating, a company that rents apartments. First we all met at the agency and then I was escorted to my location. Once there, I was introduced and met my co-workers. Unfortunately, they all speak only very poor English and almost only Spanish or Catalan. At first it was not easy to understand, but now we can all communicate very well. I also had a German colleague, but she had to leave on Friday due to the end of her internship. In my job, I work in the accounting and administration departments.

During the week, my friends and I have already visited many attractions. Among them were the Parc Guell, the Parc Ciutadella, the Arc de Triomf, the Cathedral and the Playa del Bogatell (which is a lot better and less touristic ;) ).

See you in the next blog!

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