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Sophia L.: Expectations and hopes for Barcelona

This July I, Sophia Leopolder, will be doing an internship in Barcelona (Spain) for 4 weeks . Me and 5 of my friends, which are also doing an internship there, are staying in an Airbnb that is 20 minutes away from the city centre and close to the Camp Nou.

I will be working for a firm called WeFlating, that is a lodging company located in the middle of Barcelona offering apartments for tourists and business events.,

A short summary of my tasks:

- Management, administration, organization of documents and databases of the company

- Reception, classification and distribution of correspondence

- Billing, records, contracts, payment monitoring, help customers or suppliers

In this internship I am looking forward to improve my english skills, learn more of the Spanish culture and become more self-confident as well as self-independed.

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