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  • Sarah Hubner

Sarah: Early perspectives and observations of Sweden

Hi, I am Sarah and I will be taking you with me on my internship abroad!

Arriving in Stockholm was like stepping into a picturesque postcard. Exloring Stockholm, especially the old town, Gamla Stan, felt magical. It's a district which is nestled on a small island in the city centre. The first thing you notice is the enchanting streets, which are paved with cobblestones and framed by colourful buildings. The Swedish are warm and friendly and also more than willing to help a newcomer find their way. There are a lot of traffic lights, but Swedish people really don’t care about them and walk on red.

Due to our blonde hair, most people think we are Swedish. It has happened quite a lot of times that people approach us on the streets and ask about all sorts of things regarding Sweden.

When it comes to the weather in Sweden it is mixed. We hoped for warm and mostly sunny days, last week we got windy and changing weather conditions. Three weeks to go! Let’s hope those bikinis in my suitcase will also come in handy! 😊 But I have to admit, this mild climate is perfect for exploring the landscape as well as doing city strolls! Sweden is also known for its looong summer days, which we have been enjoying a lot! Our new hobby is “too good to go”. We have been collecting our food orders every day and have saved a lot of money which we then spent on shopping.

Thank you for reading, see you again next week!

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