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Pia-Katharina K: Stolen phone, sunsets, sightseeing and us in the middle of it all

From late night swims to waiting at the police station, last week had a lot to offer.

To finish off the working week we used our Friday evening for a sunset swim, some cocktails and ice cream.

With some scrambled egg and premium home-made breakfast we started our productive cleaning Saturday. To reward ourselves after this strenuous cleaning, we then visited the famous Ramblas and the Boqueria market and treated ourselves to a delicious fruit spit. Afterwards we strolled around the city and immersed in the nightlife of Barcelona. - Spoiler this didn't end well...

Sitting myself in the police office in Barcelona once was actually not how I imagined myself ending up, but well this is exactly how this Sunday turned out. But back to the beginning and everyone who wants to visit Barcelona, take notes now. Pickpockets are like weeds: you can't get rid of them. Unfortunately while we were having a good time in a club Sophia's phone got stolen. Subsequently our first weekend out was not the most pleasant one and we spent lots of time trying to manage everything. - but enough of that.

Just as mentioned in the last blog post this week I worked in a different office, but the person there is just as nice as in the other office and I was already been familiar with the tasks so nothing too new for me. A huge plus point of this office is the fact that in my lunch break I can use the time to go to the sea.

My absolute highlight of the week was watching the sunset from the Bunkers del Carmel. The view from up there is just amazing and this is for sure a core memory. But watching a movie at an open-air cinema with my best friends on the beach at sunset was also a cute memory to create - we just don't talk about the fact that we couldn't understand the movie because of the language or anything, but we had fun anyways.

I spent my Friday night relaxing in our apartment and took some time to recharge my social batteries so that I could start productively again into a cleaning and shopping Saturday. We didn't only see the most important shopping streets here in Barcelona but also a few sights from our bucket list like Casa Batlló, Casa Milà and the Wall of the Kiss of Freedom. But the most exciting event is going to happen tomorrow, Sunday, when we make our trip to the famous Costa Brava and take a diving lesson!!

But as already mentioned last week our Barcelona bucket list is long and even though the fact, that we have already done and seen so many amazing things, much more is still to come - more about that and how the diving went - next week.

¡Adiós amigas y amigos!

Pia :)

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