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Pia-Katharina K. - Barcelona we are coming!

8 days. 8 days until we start our trip to Barcelona. 8 days until we begin our once in the life-time journey. Flying together, living together in an apartment and managing our daily life as independent women. I am excited to see how it will work out, to see how we all are going to manage doing everything on our own and how chaotic this month is going to be.

Currently there are many many questions in my head: What is the apartment going to be like? How is the life together with 5 other girls going to be like? Are we going to have any arguments? Are we going to eat taco bell all day? How is my work going to be? - I hope after this journey I will have positive answers to all these questions.

My workplace is called Sata Apartments Barcelona and I will be assisting in reception duties and customer support and with Check-in and Check-out of customers in 3 -different offices. I am looking forward what this is going to be like. I don't know what I can expect, but I hope the people there are nice and that I am going to have lots of fun - but I am very nervous thinking about it right now.

Luisa, Vici, Jana, Elli, Sophia and I will hopefully life our best life. I really wish for us that we make many unforgettable memories, have fun, become tanned and have the time of our lifes.

I will keep you guys updated,

Pia :)

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