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  • Oliver Wintersteiger

Oliver W: First week in Crete

Our first week in Crete is already over and it was fantastic!

We had to wake up early in the morning to catch our train to the Vienna Airport in order to fly to Crete. Our flight went smoothly, we had no problems at all. Our Airbnb is very modern and beautiful, equipped with a huge kitchen, several rooms as well as a balcony where we can enjoy the sunset.

My work "H2O Watersports" is amazing! My colleagues are all friendly, calm and helpful, we have a lot of fun together. At my work you can rent jetskis, inflatables, SUP and so on.

My friends and I already went to the city centre of Heraklion and met a couple of Austrian and German geople. We also tried the Greek cuisine which is delicious.

Still a plenty of time to explore the island...

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