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Noel O: Week 4: Saunas


On my last week here I got to do a lot of demanding physical work. I got to cut and carry heavy logs with my two colleagues. First we cut the logs into 5m pieces and then we carried them on the trailer of the quad. The trailer wasn't long enough for the logs so my colleagues had to each sit on one so that the logs didn't fall off and I drove the quad. The mission was to put these logs under a sauna for stabilization so we can turn the whole sauna 90 degrees one day with some big machine. Not the smoke sauna and not the basic sauna but another small sauna we have there. Yes, we have 3 saunas on one property. After that I carried with my colleague's closets and two 7-meter long solid wood benches out of the old casino building. Then we asked for help for the two 7-meter long solid wood tables and carried them with 4 people out of the building. As everything was carried out of the old casino building I vacuumed it to make it ready for the yoga retreat at the weekend. Then we carried the glass wool which I pulled out of the broken floors in trash bags to the boat. Meanwhile my boss was working on his laptop somewhere very different to usual office workers as you see in the picture.

Every day I went into the sauna after work and now it is my last time here and I can say I had a great time.

All in all I am very thankful that I got to work and enjoy my summer holiday here. Kiitos to Siiri and Oskari for giving me this amazing opportunity.

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