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Noel O: Week 3: Banana boat


This week I was already done with the first floor so I had to take out another floor. This time I got it done more quickly because I already knew how to do it. It was hot outside so I put only a t-shirt on under the white costume, while pulling the glass wool out. That wasn't the best idea because after a while my arms got itchy and they were itchy until I got into the shower and washed it off with warm water. I also got to make burger-sets and clean the BBQ-hut where our customers grill their food on an open fire.

After work I went with two friends on a banana boat ride as you can see on the picture. On that day it wasn't really warm outside and the water temperature was only 17°C and we fell off as soon as my father turned the boat which pulled us. We got back on the banana boat and managed to not fall off again so we enjoyed the ride. This week friends and family were on the island. We had a great time.

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