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Noel O: Expectations for Tarina Aho in Finland


I am really excited to work in Finland, because I have a lovely work place on a private Island. It is a small hotel company and the living is very "back to basics" with a drop toilet. I am going to be working on a saunaboat, where I am going to be on a boat with a sauna on the lake, so I think I am going to enjoy myself. Other tasks are going to be chopping wood and making a fire to turn the sauna on. Futhermore I will prepare grill-sets for our customers so that they can cook their food on an open fire. Last but not least I will also do some gardening work, which I enjoy very much. Of course there will be many other things that I might do but these are for sure what I know for now. I already have met the hosts last year and they are really kind so I think this will be an amazing experience. I am really looking forward for the summer.

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