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Luisa K: me gusta mucho

Dear lovely readers,

Now already another week has passed, and the time is flying by.

The girls and I have our travel modes on, and we try to visit as much as possible in these very few weeks. Since last week, some bullet points have already been ticked off again. Last Friday we went swimming after work at Bogatell Beach. While admiring the sunset, the waves carried us away. At the weekend we visited the famous La Ramblas and the Boqueria Market where we bought ourselves a fruit smoothie and chocolate strawberries. After that, we went out and among other things, we went to a bar which was hidden behind a supermarket which was really exciting as well. As you can probably imagine, after this exhausting Saturday, we had to take a break at the beach again on Sunday. 😉

When we have no more plans after work, we almost always end the evening with a home-cooked meal and a round of Skipbo. That was for example the case on Monday and Tuesday, which is totally fine too. :)

On Wednesday we decided to visit the famous Bunkers del Carmel which were unfortunately closed. Nevertheless, we found a place to sit with a view all over Barcelona anyway. We watched the sunset and ate the homemade wraps we brought with us. Couldn´t have been any better.

Thanks to Elli and her job in a language school we discovered that there was an outdoor cinema at the beach directly next to the sea on Thursday. Of course, we didn't let that slip through our fingers and we decided to go. Even though the movie was in Spanish we enjoyed sitting there with a ton of people and the sound of the sea in the backround, romantically eating TacoBell.

Unfortunately, my work at Inedit is still very one-sided, but by now I'm already used to it I´d say. ;)

¡Hasta pronto amigos!


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