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Luisa K: Anticipation of an internship in Barcelona

In two weeks time my friends and I are going to Barcelona. We have rented an Airbnb near the Barça Stadium Camp Nou where we are going to stay for four weeks.

As far as I know yet I am working for a company called "Inedit" which rents coliving homes to people all over the world. To introduce myself to them I have already had an interview with the Office Manager of my host company. We for example talked about my tasks I will have to do like checking Excel lists and the general office tasks which will accrue over the time.

From today's point of view I wish that my tasks will have a bit more variety than that and that I enjoy working there. For me the most important thing is tough to have nice colleagues and a comforting working environment.

Also I hope that my Spanish skills (which are still very poor lol) won't matter too much and I am going to be okay by speaking English most of the time.

Besides that I hope to develop myself personally and to come out of my box even more.

All in all I am looking forward to spending quality time with my girls and exploring a foreign city with all the treasures it has to offer.

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