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Jana S: Siestas & Fiestas

You can't believe it, you don't want to believe it! Week 2 is almost over and went by much faster than the last one.

What has happened? - So much, but at the same time our everyday life is catching up with us again.

From Monday to Friday I was back at work as usual. Same time, same place, same joy of working. Most of my tasks this week again involved preparing for the anniversary party (which is finally tomorrowđŸ„ł). This included making the decorations for the festival.

Apart from the work, we made ourselves very comfortable this week. On Monday and Tuesday, we stayed at home in the evening, as we already knew that there would be a lot to do the rest of the week.

On Wednesday, we went to the Bunkers del Carmel to watch the sunset. We took something to eat and drink with us, so we could picnic in the sunset. It was wonderful. Victoria and I loved this place so much that we stayed until 3am.

On Thursday, we went to an outdoor cinema on the beach in Barceloneta. We spent our evening there. Even though we didn't understand all of the movie, we had a lot to laugh about and enjoyed the time very much.

Today [Friday, 14.07.2023] we will dive into the Spanish nightlife again before a very relaxed day awaits us on Saturday. This is also absolutely necessary, because on Sunday we are going to the Costa Brava where we will take a diving course.

The anticipation is enormous!

ÂĄHasta pronto y un abrazo!


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