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Jana S: Caught in a Dream

Aktualisiert: 17. Aug. 2023

Even though the end of this incredible experience is getting closer and closer, I am still stuck with last Sunday (16.07.), where we made our way to the world famous Costa Brava. But it was much more than just a usual day trip, it probably was a memory that will stay with me for a lifetime.

At 9 a.m. we took a bus to Palafrugell, which took us around 2 hours. From there we went on with another bus to get to our final destination, Tamariu. As soon as we stepped out of the bus, we were flashed. The nature, the beach, the bays, the water. It was incredible and (for all ABBA fans right here) absolutely comparable with the scenes from the Mamma Mia movies. After a quick stroll through the alleys of the village, we finally made it into the water. But then at 14:00 it was time for our highlight, an instructed dive within the reefs of Tamariu. It was AWESOME and definitely gave me the desire to obtain my diving licence in the near future. We even saw an octupos spitting some ink. It was incredible. Even though our way home took us way longer than expected, I would recommend it to everyone.

As you probably know from my last blogs, Monday is our planning day. Therefore we cooked our dinner and talked about the plans for the last 2 weeks. On Tuesday, the heatwave hit Barcelona really hard and therefore we decided to do an indoor activity. In this case the IKONO. The Ikono is a museum near the Plaza de la Espanya and is really modernist. A ball bath, light painting, mirrors, paper canons and many more things are waiting to get admired by you.

The rest of the week was planned under the motto "So far away but nethertheless so close". On Wednesday we visited the Camp Nou before we went out to have dinner with a friend of Vici’s. It was so nice to meet some people from Austria again. But this was by far not all.

On Thursday we met up with a good Canadian friend of mine who stayed in Austria for the last year and now is currently exploring Europe in all its beauty. Together we want to a bar called the Orient Express, which has quite a unique concept. At the entry you are welcomed by waiters dressed-up as train conductors. Then everyone receives an individual passport in which you must order your drinks by choosing a base and a flavour you would like, by stamping on it. But now to the most extraordinary thing about this bar - your drinks are delivered by small trains. How cool is that?! It was literally one of the coolest bars I have ever been to.

Friday was a lot more relaxed. We spent the evening at the beach, dipping in the water, drinking and eating snacks. The awesome sunset of course was the icing on the cake.

Saturday was a really exhausting day to be honest. We started our morning very slowly with brunching at Brunch & Cafe. After this we found our way up the Montjuic and down again to the Botanical Gardens (which were quite a failure to be fair). Strolling through the city while enjoying Pizza at our favourite Italian restaurant couldn't be left behind. In the evening we met up with a friends of Elli's before it was time to go home to get some sleep.

As it has become almost a ritual for us, we went on another day trip on Sunday. This time we went by train and then by bus to Blanes. There we enjoyed idyllic bays, heavenly beaches and the peace and quiet. In the evening we went out for dinner, and as it should be, paella with seafood was on the menu for me. It was like a dream. We arrived home around 01:00, where I fell into bed exhausted after a long and really necessary shower.

That's it for this week - STAY CURIOUS

See you soon! Jana

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