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Amelia B: First week is ticked off!

Hi there! In case you have been wondering about my journey, my first week at WeTranslate has been awesome! A little side info for those who are not up to date, my best friend is working full time at the same company I am in, therefore I was already familiar with the work and the team. WeTranslate works with a CRM system called Zoho, which is easy to manage and can be adapted to any company's needs. I did my training using it and had to watch a couple of videos made by our team leader (I really appreciate the work he has put into it). Coming back to the actual story I was telling, in my first week I was helping my teammates prepare the translated documents for several procedures like legalization, apostilles and anything our client requests. My home city is still the same, welcoming and unfortunately very hot, but for now, I am enjoying my work and travel experience, even though for me it is a "work and back to my roots" one. Everyone in the office uses BeReal, that's why our latest one fits best as the photo of the blog! See you soon! La revedere!

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