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Amelia B: Adult life is tough, but I still party hard

Aktualisiert: 17. Aug.

Hello guys, as always, I hope you're all doing well and staying hydrated, which is very important during the heatwave we're currently in. One and a half weeks left at WeTranslate, thank God! I love what I am doing and I really get along with the team, but it can get soooo exhausting, especially when I have to go to public notaries, embassies and many other institutions at 40 degrees. I have to combine the job with my private things as well, because as most of my classmates know, I am also getting my driver's license here in Bucharest. It's also difficult to live alone, do the laundry, cook and clean for myself, I must say that I really miss my mother at this point. Pretty busy schedule, but I'm enjoying the hectic days. BUT, no matter how tired I get, I always go out because the nightlife in Bucharest is such fun and also surprisingly safe and there are almost no pickpockets or dangerous people trying to harass you on the streets.

This dessert is called "papanasi" and they are something like fried cheese donuts, topped with yoghurt and usually blueberry jam. It's my favorite Romanian dessert and I associate it in my mind with Kaiserschmarrn, which I also love! This weekend, I had to visit my father's friends for their baby's christening celebration, which is a huge deal in our culture (they had 350 guests!!). It wasn't anything other than the usual: lots of food, 12 hours of live music, and WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE! Side info: baby Ella is only 6 weeks old, she'll never get to meet these 350 guys ever!

After I left the party at 5 a.m., I took a shower and drove straight to my grandma, because she wanted me to pick some tomatoes from the garden (organic life hehehe). I had a relaxing day and I got well rested for the next week full of adventures!

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