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Elli G: Sunbathing, Sangria, and Smiles: Barcelona's Recipe for Happiness

Aktualisiert: 17. Aug. 2023

More than half of our time is already over. I still can't believe that in one week we are going back home. We experienced so much in our third week here in Barcelona.

On Monday we used our evening to make plans for the last 2 weeks. So the next day we visited a very famous fun museum called IKONO. This is the perfect place to take group pictures and round off a day of work with a bit of fun. Things like a ball bath, light painting, mirrors, paper cannons and many other things were waiting for us. On Wednesday evening, we met up with two of Vici's friends for dinner and the evening flew by. The next day we met up with a friend of Jana's who I already knew. That night we went to a bar called Orient Express, which was a unique experience. The concept of this bar is to mix your own drinks with different flavours. Afterwards, the drink was not brought to the table as usual, but by train.

Our weekend was also very nice. We all spent our Friday evening together on the beach and enjoyed the sunset as well as jumping into the sea. On Sunday we got up early to have brunch at "Brunch & Cafe", a very well-known cafe. Afterwards we went to visit Montjuic, a small mountain/hill in Barcelona. We took a gondola to the top of the hill and enjoyed the view over the city and the sea. Our main destination at Montjuic was the botanical gardens, but to be honest they were not worth the visit. Apart from a few dry and withered plants, there was not much to see. So we went back to the city to have dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant. Afterwards we met a friend of mine for a few drinks. It was really nice to see her again after a long time. Sunday was the next day trip for us. This time it took us to Blanes. We took the train early in the morning and finally arrived at the beautiful beaches 2 hours later. We spent the day at the sea and sunbathed. Unfortunately, some of us got too much of the sun, because all of us (except for Pia) came home with quite a sunburn. In the evening, we went out for dinner and I enjoyed my first Spanish dish: paella. It was delicious.

I also got to see and experience a lot through work this week, as I took part in two more excursions. The first one was a guided tour through the historical centre of Barcelona. I learned a lot. Afterwards, we went to the Bosque de Hadas café, which is decorated as a fairyland. You sit in the middle of indoor trees surrounded by extraordinary decorations. I liked this coffee shop very much. Thursday was the second event, which was a salsa dance class. I only got to dance briefly at the beginning because afterwards I was busy taking photos and videos again. The little bit I took part in was very difficult but fun.

That's all from my third week and I'm looking forward to telling you about my next week here in Barcelona.

See you soon!


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