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David S.: First week in Bordeaux

In my first week in Bordeaux I was already able to get a great impression of the City, the French people, who are very kind by the way, and the French culture including food and overall habits.

I arrived on Saturday 30th June in the afternoon. I had just gone through 21 hours of travelling - by bus and by train - and I was very tired and not that ready for the whole experience yet. My hosting family, consisting of the very nice and caring Erika and her boyfriend Tito, were extremely welcoming and it felt almost like home from the get-go.

On Sunday I visited the small harbour town Arcachon and the dune de pilat, the biggest natural sanddune in Europe. That was quite the experience and I would totally recommend it to anyone visiting Bordeaux or the area.

The work experience has been fine so far, I'm employed in a kindergarden/holiday animation camp for children from 3 to 14 years old. Working with children who, of course, can only speak French has been quite the language course for me.

Bordeaux really is a welcoming city and there is nothing to complain about so far.

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