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Anna K: First week in Heraklion!

We are finally in Greece, I can't believe it. It has been a pretty great first week - I ate a lot which is the most important for me ;) and we discovered some great places! (more about that in a minute)

Regarding work, I am happy to say that I am satisfied with what I have to do. Every day I wake up at 8:15, much later than my friends which leaves me with a satisfied smirk and them envying me.

I take the bus for 13 minutes and I disembark just in front of my workplace. Usually, I quickly buy breakfast at the mini market just next to the travel agency - even if I'm running a few minutes late, because here it's normal to not be on time and I gotta say I like that. At work, I mostly use my laptop as I have to translate the website to Hungarian at the moment. My main task, however, is to invite tourists into the travel agency - sell tours, rent cars, give information, stuff like that. It isn't very interesting BUT my boss is awesome. His name is Ricardo and he is 60, very kind and very open. I often talk to him like I talk to a friend and we listen to music together, as interesting as that sounds. Apart from that, he speaks seven languages including French, which means that I can improve my language skills by talking to him every day. My weekdays are quite relaxed that way.

Like I said, we have already visited wonderful places in Crete, such as the Matala beach. I will leave a photo that could not entirely capture the beauty of it, but well, close enough I guess! Also, we stopped at a small village which I can't recall the name of but it was picturesque so you will see that too.

Small village:

Additionally, a picture to admire the port of Heraklion! :)

And I cannot not share the food I ate so voilà:

I'm starving now, once again.

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