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Anna: Abba Museum Stockholm

Hello everyone,

I have been in Sweden for almost a week now. Time flies. The first few days I explored the city to get an overview. On Wednesday I went to the Abba museum. I really liked it, but I have to admit that I am a real Abba/Mamma Mia fan.

There are 3 floors dedicated to Abba. My heaven. First there was an exhibition about the new Abba Voyage project. They built a new stadium in London and I learned why they went back into the studios after 40 years. There are also a lot of original costumes on display. They are really funny, but I think hardly anyone would wear them nowadays.

Next I heard about their youth and how they met. The two men met and they forced their girlfriends ( Anni and Agnetha) to come to the studio and sing these songs. The studio and the place where Benny wrote the lyrics were reconstructed for the museum. There were also opportunities to sing "with" them and to mix the songs. Their career started with winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. They toured Europe and the United States. After a few years they had a fight and took a break. Benny and Björn stayed together and did other creative work.

At the end of the museum they showed the story of Mamma Mia, the two films and the musical. How they came up with the idea and some background information. I also got to sit in the car that Donna drives in the early scenes of the first film.

All in all it was really great and I enjoyed it a lot. I would say it is a must if you are in Stockholm. When I come back to Stockholm in a few years time, I will definitely go again.

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