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Amelie M: Even hotter in Barcelona

Wow, the second week is already over, and the third week has already started. I have to admit, now, it is even hotter!!

I can't believe how fast the time flies in Barcelona. It still feels surreal to be here. I probably won't realize it until I'm already back at home.

I think it's just awesome here, and I like to let go of old habits, for example to not plan your day from beginning to end.

I really enjoy doing “nothing” and eating a lot ;) To be honest - the food in Barcelona is one my favorite part from my internship.

I am really looking forward to the final week because we are expecting visitors from Salzburg and I can hardly await to show them around Barcelona.

I absolutely love my job because I have a lot of interaction with guests from all over the world and I really have to put my English skills to the test. Last weekend we went to the beach for the first time, and there we really started to get the typical "vacation-feeling".

¡Hasta pronto!

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