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Pia-Katharina K: Mermaid dream come true

Diving in the deep ocean between fish, sea urchins and octopuses sounds like a dream - this dream came true for the six of us last Sunday. Thanks to Luisa we were able to take a diving lesson at a diving school called "Stollis Divebase" at Tamariu which was one of the prettiest locations I have ever been to, I felt directly thrown back into a mamma mia movie.

In addition to this view the diving school had another absolute plus point: All of them working there were either from Austria or spoke at least German. It felt like a piece of home to talk again however you want (wia da hoid da schnobe gwochsn is) and people really understood you.

Apart from feeling like a mermaid the last week had a lot of other exciting things to offer. From lunchbreaks byl the sea and visiting an interactive and incredibly fun museum to sitting at a bar where your cocktails (which you could compose yourself) are being served on a small train - everything was there.

Now not much time is left and our bucket list still has lots of things to be done, so you can stay just as excited as I am to see what happens in the next and sadly last week of our journey.

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