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Nadine N: Open air cinema and surfing lessons

Here we go again, life's a dream.

Another week has passed on our journey and we have experienced many different things: rooftop cinema evenings, surfing lessons at the beach and of course working with animals.

As you can see on the picture on the left, Julia and I watched a movie called "Annie Hall" with a great view over the city and an amazing sunset. But that wasn't the only exciting thing that happened that evening, because my boyfriend decided to come all the way from Austria to visit me! As you can imagine time since then has passed even faster and making new memories has been even easier.

Also work is going quite well. I mean I have some scratches and bites but nothing major or to worry about. My collegues even showed me how to give an infusion to dogs and I was allowed to do it myself then. I kind of felt like a vet in that moment.

And we also tried surfing - but I guess I should practise a little more before I show you my skills ;)

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