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Isi's Crete Chronicles - Prologue

Hey and welcome to Isi's Crete Chronicles!

I'll be doing my intership in Crete this year. Last year I went to Ireland, so I'm excited to spend my summer in the South this time:)


Accommodation: I'm going to live in an Airbnb appartment together with my friends Maria, Anna and Betti. It's near the City Center and thankfully not far from the beach:) According to Google Maps it's a 30 minute walk to my workplace.


Workplace: I’ll be working at a travel agency called Round Travel. Since i don't speak Greek I'm bit worried about the language barrier, but I'm sure it will be okay. The agency said my tasks will be:

  • customer service

  • preparing tourist information

  • making presentation of different excursions

  • sell excursions


I hope my work will be fun and I can't wait to spend time at the beach and explore the island.

See you soon!

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