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Isi's Crete Chronicles: Part 3

Aktualisiert: 26. Juli 2023

Week 3 started amazingly - well not really. I got sick and couldn't do anything for a few days. Must have been a summer cold. So yeah that was annoying and I missed out on a few things but what can you do. On Thursday I felt much better so I went back to work and even though I was only gone for a few days it felt much longer so I was happy to be back in my daily routine.

Our boss brought us traditional Cretan pastry this week called Καλιτσούνια (it's the first picture below). Kalitsounia are small cheese or herb snacks with different fillings. The ones she brought us were filled with cheese (not the salty type) and these are extremely delicious, so if you're ever on Crete try Kalitsounia. Also there is an orange juice delivery guy coming into the office almost every day which i thought was funny. He literally walks around Heraklion and delivers orange juice probably all day long.



Most of our new German friends stayed on Crete for only three weeks, so Friday was our last day together. We went to a restaurant called Petousis in Ammoudara as our goodbye dinner (they have the best pizza there). Funny story: the bus ride to Ammoudara is about 15 minutes, depending on the traffic. Guess how long it took us to go there this time. Yes, 2 hours. 2 HOURS!! Friday nights are obviously really busy and since Ammoudara is a popular spot for bars and nightlife in general the buses were filled to the brim, so at one point they just couldn't stop at the stops anymore.

That's what happened to us since our stop is quite far from the starting point of the bus line. All the buses drove past us so we changed our strategy and took a different bus to the start of line 6 (the only line that goes to Ammoudara). Thankfully our plan worked and we got a spot on the bus after 1 hour and 30 minutes waiting time. But then there was the next problem: the traffic. The ride took about twice the time than it normally would, so we ended up 2 hours late. We are becoming real Greeks like my boss said;)

Despite that it was a nice last evening all together.

Now here comes the sad part. Maria and I went to the Airport Saturday morning to say our final goodbyes to our German friends. We waited with them until they had to go through the security check and only then did my brain realise that they are actually going home. I maybe cried, maybe not. I know that we only met three weeks ago but it feels like we've known each other for three years instead. Being abroad alone probably adds to that. But anyway, we made plans to visit during the autumn holidays so we will see how it goes.



So back to the fun part. After the Airport we went on a 3 hour bus trip to Agia Galini which is a beautiful small coastal town in the south of Crete. They had a lot of cute shops, so we went on a little souvenir shopping spree. Agia Galini was actually my highlight so far. There is just something about coastal towns that I really like. Sunday was our lazy day. We slept in and then went to the beach near our apartment. In the evening we went to the city center to eat dinner and the food was super delicious (my favourite restaurant so far). We also met a couple from Norway and they said that they built a house on Crete (that's a nice goal for the future;).



We have many exciting activities planned for our last week so stay tuned.

See you soon!

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