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Isi's Crete Chronicles: Part 2

It's just crazy to me how fast time passes if you're having a good time. I can't believe that half of my time here is over. There is still so much left to see and do and it feels like I'm running out of time. The people I've met here already feel like friends I've known my entire life and I've gotten used to everything here so quickly that it's hard to believe I'll have to say goodbye so soon. I don't know if you can tell but I'm feeling a bit sentimental. But anyway, the second week was a lot of fun.



At work we finally got the hang of things and we were able to work a lot faster than last week. After the initial communication problems it feels nice to know what we're doing now. Also we started to make our own PDFs for the excursions so we don't have to wait anymore until someone sends them to us. Because there are only Greeks coming into the office. We hear Greek the entire day so Betti and I started to pick up some of the phrases which are helpful in daily conversations.

A typical day at work for us looks like this:

First thing in the morning is a lecture from our boss about tourism and general things about running a travel agency. She used to be a teacher at a university so the information she gives us is genuinely interesting. Our current topic is revenue management which we already know a lot about because of what we learn at school.

Then we get a coffee/breakfast break. We usually go to the same cafe. You can consider us regulars there as the barista started to recognise us and already memorised our orders.

After the break we finally start our work.



The food in Greece is a 10/10 which makes it really hard to not go to a restaurant or order food every single day. On Friday we went to a restaurant where you can order huge chocolate fountains and plates of fruit and other sweet snacks which was my highlight of the week:)

But we also try to eat healthy at least a little bit and thanks to our personal chef Maria we got to eat home-cooked vegetables for lunch one day which was delicious.


This weekend we wanted to explore more of the island and have fun so we planned out the following activities: go to a waterpark on Saturday and then clubbing in the evening and visit Agia Galini (which is a beautiful coastal town in the south of Crete) on Sunday. Guess what we did. We didn't go to the waterpark because there was no bus, we didn't go clubbing because it turned out we needed a reservation and we didn't go to Agia Galini because we misread the bus plan and missed the bus. Sounds great right?

But when life gives you lemons you make lemonade so we turned our plans upside down and visited a different beach on Saturday and Rethimno (one of the best preserved medieval towns in Greece) on Sunday. So the weekend turned out great after all and we had a good time.



To whoever is reading this, I hope you're doing well and see you next week!

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