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David M.: My first week in Crete

On Saturday, me and my four peers landed in Heraklion. We checked into our AirBNB house and had a relaxing evening on the porch, enjoying the incredible view.

On Sunday, our first full day, we went to the beach and even though we would find better beach spots later during the week, it was still beautiful.

Unfortunately the manager of MarketUp, the company I was supposed to work at, has health problems and is therefore unavailable. As a result, I had to be moved to a different workplace, iTourst, where I mainly sell excursions to visitors.

Therefore, my first real workday was on Thursday but my new manager is very nice and I am looking forward to my remaining internship.

During the evenings, we mostly watched football, because the EUROs are currently ongoing. (Still sad that Austria went out so early though)

On Wednesday Kaan turned 18 so we went out for burgers. Happy birthday :)

We have also tried out different regional food options - seafood and gyros to be exact - which were incredibly tasty.

On Saturday we went out to a club some locals recommended to us, where we met multiple people both from Heraklion but also the rest of Europe, it was quite fun.

We met two other Erasmus students, Paula and Hannah from Fürstenfeld, who turned out to be very likeable as well.

All in all, the weather is immaculate, the beaches are wonderful and the people here are very helpful and friendly. I am feeling tremendously excited for the rest of my stay in this wonderful city but I am a little sad that the first week is already over. Hopefully we can get the majority of our planned activties done.

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