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Anna K: Week 3 – Bring me back to Santorini

It really wasn’t nice setting my alarm for 6 a.m., but WHO CARES if the reason is a tour to one of Greece’s most beautiful and extraordinary places: SANTORINI >>>>>

Betti and I got on to this huge boat called Power Jet that you can see here:

The trip with Seajet took about two and a half hours. When we finally arrived on the island, we had to search for our bus with the tour guide. It was this very sweet woman called Eleni who spoke English with a Greek accent and we just adored her. She told us about Santorini and how much a night in a hotel there costs…it starts around 2000 euros, believe it or not. Crazy. Anyway, we made short stops where we could go have lunch and buy souvenirs. The area was truly picturesque, but the temperature was way too hot. Because of that and because of the short amount of time, we were not able to completely discover everything, but we saw the most iconic churches nevertheless.

The time flew by so fast that by the time we bought our last souvenirs, we had to go back to the boat. I feel so lucky to have visited this place and to have experienced this tour with Betti.

One more thing I wanted to share with you was that Maria and I woke up at half past 6 to go for a run and watch the sun rise. Yes, no one cares and we only did it once...but I’m proud of it so I’ll share. The waves were huge in the morning so we couldn’t help but jump into the water. I will forever cherish this memory with her. It is one of the best moments we shared I think, apart from the usual deep talks we had in the evenings.

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