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Anna K: Week 2 - Did we become locals?

The second week went pretty smoothly I think - I mean what can possibly go wrong living on an island as great as Crete :)

I think we could say that we completely adapted to the new environment by now. Taking the time with getting ready, going out to eat and taking a nap at the beach (with a lot of sun cream of course) has become a habit now. And I gotta say I enjoy the rays of the sun as opposed to the constant rain that we had in Austria...even if the heat is hard to bear sometimes. Anyway, let me show you my workplace!

This is the place I arrive at every day:

The name of the travel agency is Status MLB. Unlike the place where Betti and Isi work, my work place is relatively small, as you can see. There is a desk behind the "Santorini" board, which is my space:

As I said in my last post, I am working on my laptop and am currently translating the firm's website.

You can see how much fun I have doing it :D

I can honestly say that I like to work here.

About this week's activities, I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't have too much to report because I was pretty lazy. Usually we meet some people from Germany who are also here with Erasmus+ and go to the beach or go to eat. There are moments when Betti and I like to stay in and relax in our Airbnb a bit. In the evenings we like to enjoy a cocktail or two, which I also have a picture of for you to see ;)

I'll be back next week with a much more interesting blog entry as WE ARE GOING TO SANTORINI YAYY!

Until next time,


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