Successful Cambridge First Certificate and Business English Certificate Higher Candidates

The entire 4BK Euroclass plus a large group of motivated volunteers from the fourth years entered the Cambridge First Certificate exams in June this year. The results were some of the best the BHAK 1 has ever had! The reward for all their hard work is a certificate from the University of Cambridge Examinations Board confirming that these pupils have achieved a B2 level standard of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


At the next level, pupils from the 5BK Euroclass nervously sweated through their Cambridge Business English Certificate Higher exams on a summer Saturday in May. BEC Higher is a C1 level exam which demands a wide range of skills not only in general English but also in Business Communication. This year Sebastian Renner showed off his skills so well in the exam that he was awarded a C2 level pass – an exceptional achievement! Mr. Michael Porenta from the Raiffeisenverband Salzburg – the school’s sponsors and Mrs. Britta Becker, Principal, presented the certificates to the successful and happy candidates. We would like to thank the Raiffeisenverband and the Elternverein of the BHAK1 very much for their support which eneables these young people to gain useful qualifications for their futures.




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