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give me the short version

This project, which will run for two years from September 2020, involves schools from five countries: the Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia and Austria. It aims to help our students to learn what they can do to help the environment.

what will the project involve?

The project deals with three main objectives covering the environment, community life and the active cooperation of people.


Whilst countries squabble about how to reduce climate change, the real questions for us as individuals are: how can we contribute to improving our environment; and what impact can these efforts have?

Our project tries to motivate students to take concrete steps to improve everyday life in the local community in the belief that inculcating environmental values among secondary school students will bear fruit in the future.


One of these steps aims at improving the local environment; it is the fast-growing activity of “plogging”. You’ve never heard of it? Well it is an eco-friendly fitness trend which started in Sweden in which people pick up litter while jogging. It just happens to be 100% coronavirus friendly too since it is an outdoor activity which is best done alone or in pairs.


The plan is that students can set their own plogging routes and there will be a competition between the project’s five schools. The competition will reward the school(s) with the longest total route and the largest total amount of litter collected. As a result of plogging, our students will contribute to environmental protection, discover how much litter there is in their community and contribute towards their own fitness. And by collecting, sharing, analysing and evaluating data on the rubbish that is collected we aim to initiate an international discussion and fuel competition between schools. As part of this activity, partner schools will also participate in the promotion of World Cleanup Day on 18 September 2021.



Another aspect of the project is recycling. Students will be “upcycling” some waste materials that can be still usable. The main purposes of this activity are to learn about the recycling options in partner cities and to implement new ideas with the help of local authorities. Another aspect of recycling is the smart re-use of recycled materials. This is known as “upcycling”. Students will come up with new ideas of materials to process and will put the production of new products into practice.

tell me more about the international aspect

Well the plogging competition will be international of course. And, despite corona, we still hope to be able to send students to the Czech Republic and Cyprus to work on aspects of the project.

We aim to find several opportunities to video conference with our partner schools to benchmark against each other, share great ideas and lobby local authorities.



HAK1 Salzburg will be using our expertise in marketing to lead on the development of marketing materials that can be translated and used by the schools in all partner countries.

who will be involved?

Members of 3BK (2020-21) will be working on this project in their sports, Science, English, Business Training and Communication and Marketing lessons.

the small print

This project is funded by Erasmus+ and the European Commission.


Project: 2020-1-CZ01-KA229-078262