hak 1 works abroad

give me the short version!

This project, was launched in 2018. It offers students the opportunity to do some of their 300 hours of compulsory work experience in an organisation abroad, subsidised by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.

what does the project involve?

Participants have two choices. They can either use the services of an agency in the host country to find their work and accommodation, or they can work totally independently, finding their own  work and accommodation.

Using an agency to find a work placement is the simplest way to participate in this project, but it is also the most expensive since the participant has to pay the agency a commission for the work they do in organising the work and accommodation. Finding work independently can be very easy if you have a good contact abroad, or it can be a lot of work writing emails to many organisations in the country of your dreams! But the work pays off: a number of our participants have found their own placements in Finland, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands.


sounds great. i want to know more!

It is probably easiest to describe the project by looking at a one-year cycle:


  • Students are asked to express an interest in the project following a big “Erasmusdays” event in October. At this event, last year’s participants present their experiences and receive their certificates.
  • In December we organise video conferences with agencies in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the UK and Ireland. This is an opportunity to ask questions about living in working in that country: what sort of work will I be able to get; what accommodation can I have; what will it cost me?
  • In January we ask for a commitment to the project. CVs that were written in Business Behaviour lessons are sent off to the agencies abroad as required. Those looking for a placement independently need to work hard now to find a placement before Easter!
  • The agencies start looking for work and accommodation for participants from April onwards.