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Our 2023 Participant Survey Report

Every year when our participants return from their internships abroad we ask them to complete a comprehensive survey about every aspect of the project, from the information given to their parents to their work placement itself, to the helpfulness of their agency and whether the whole experience was worth the time and money.

This year 24 of our students went abroad for four or five weeks to work in Finland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Romania. Apart from a stolen mobile phone in Barcelona, there were no significant problems.

We have now analysed the survey results (23 responses) and written a report which you can download below.

H1WA Participant Survey Report 2023
PDF herunterladen • 2.00MB

Basic survey analysis is also presented here via Microsoft Forms without commentary.

Overall results

If you are a HAK1 pupil and thinking of joining our project next year, here is how this year's participants feel that they benefited from taking the opportunity:

The key options that are incomplete read: Improved my fluency in a foreign language; Encouraged me to look for work/further education further away from home; Increased my enthusiasm for the EU

Were the participants happy that they took part in the project? Yes definitely!


We were delighted with every aspect of the project this year. Our agencies in the destination countries did a great job for us and our participants, for which we are very grateful. We look forward to working with them all again next year.

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